Fermentation is sexy. And good for you. And easy!

Our sexy kimchi featured on our kimchi dirty fries


The secret is out.

We get asked everyday how we make our perfected kimchi. We’ve got it down to a t now, so we wanna share it with you guys!

We adore Korean food and really respect the tradional way of making it and its roots and history.

This is our plant-based take on it.

Fill your boots with this recipe and fill your guts with some good bacteria.

Ferments are sexy, it’s official.

If you want to make larger or smaller portions, divide or multiply the recipe below.

You’ll need:

Glass jars with lids

Makes around two 2 litre jars

2 daikon

5chinese cabbage

75g salt

300g ginger

10 garlic

100g korean red pepper flakes

150ml vinegar - we like kombucha vinegar or apple cider vinegar

1. mandolin the daikon

2. cut the cabbage length ways into 8 pieces

3. into a large bucket add the cabbage, daikon and salt and massage the salt all over

4. Leave for 30 mins then massage the veg again then leave for another 30 minutes

5. Blend the ginger and garlic in a food processor with the vinegar and red pepper flakes and then add to veg

6. Mix thoroughly

7. Add to large glass jars, packing tightly. Add some of the liquid at bottom

8. Only fill 3/4 way up to allow space for fermenting

9. Leave for 7-10 days at least.

10. Don’t forget to burp your kimchi. This releases the gas and stops it from exploding. You can get the fancy equipment which does this for you or you can just do it this way with good old fashioned jars.

Some tips and hints:

Fermenting is a lot quicker and more active when its warm. Bacteria love it. So keep en eye out on your kimchi

Winter months take a bit longer to ferment so allow this

Don’t worry about the jars needing to be sterilised, just as long as they’re clean and dry