Sweet Potato Processed 'Cheese'

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Heaven exists…

It’s this delicious cheese

Ever made a vegan burger and wanted that cheesy, gooey element? Add a slice of our Sweet Potato Processed ‘Cheese’. It melts, is easy to make, nut-free, vegan, healthy, and delicious. You wont regret it. Give it a go!

This recipe is easily customisable but we’ve given a few suggestions.

Make 8 - 10 cheese squares

1 Medium sweet potato, skin removed (boiled/microwaved whole)

3 Tablespoon Engevita Flakes

Juice of 1 lemon

1 Clove of Garlic, crushed

Pinch of Salt, preferably Pink Himalayan

2 Tablespoons dried Agar

1 Teaspoon of Paprika

100ml Water

  1. Put all but agar in blender, blend until very smooth. Add a tiny splash of water if it’s too thick

  2. In pan, heat 100ml water until boiling

  3. Add the agar and whisk on a very low heat until a really thick gel has formed

  4. Combine and whisk until all are combined together

  5. Roll out between two greaseproof sheets while still warm. Roll until it’s about 3mm in thickness with a rolling pin

  6. Allow to cool. It takes about 20 minutes

  7. Take the first layer of greaseproof off and cut into squares

  8. Put onto freshly cut greaseproof squares and store in the fridge. Use within a week

Jalapeno version

Follow the recipe but at stage 4 add 5-6 chopped jalapeno slices

Garlic and herb version

Follow the recipe but at stage 4 add an extra crushed garlic clove and a bunch of chopped parsley